In a touching tribute to a quarter-century of dedicated service, Nigel Birkmyre, Director at Ballyvesey Holdings Ltd, paid a special visit to Centurion Truck Rental this week. He presented Managing Director, Warren Fletcher, with a timepiece symbolising the invaluable time Warren has devoted to the business.


With warmth, Nigel conveyed, “Warren, 25 years – it’s a great achievement. It’s my pleasure to present you with this watch.”


This token represents the enduring commitment Warren has poured into Centurion Truck Rental. Reflecting on his journey, Warren expressed his gratitude, saying, “These 25 years at Centurion have been the most fulfilling of my career.”


Warren embarked on his professional voyage as a young mechanic, undertaking a commercial vehicle apprenticeship with Volvo trucks. This apprenticeship endowed him with intricate knowledge of truck mechanics and, specifically, diesel vehicles. Post-qualification, Warren assumed the role of fleet engineer and workshop manager at a prominent business. It was during this time that Warren crossed paths with Nigel Birkmyre, who approached him to spearhead a start-up rental venture – the beginnings of what would later evolve into Centurion Truck Rental.


Today, Centurion Truck Rental stands as a thriving entity under the Ballyvesey Holdings umbrella. Responsible for a formidable fleet of assets, it caters to a multitude of esteemed blue-chip clientele. The company’s enduring success is a testament to their exceptional care for their staff and the positive atmosphere that permeates the office – factors that have led to a team of long-serving employees who continue to contribute to the company’s remarkable journey.