In a delightful twist of fate, the world of heavy machinery and the serene fields of a family farm intersect in the life of Warren Fletcher, the Managing Director of Centurion Truck Rental.

This Sunday, viewers tuned in to the first episode of “Fletcher’s Family Farm” to embark on a journey led by Warren’s oldest son, Kelvin, his wife Liz and their young family. The show beautifully captures their farm life, from the arrival of pygmy goats and newborn lambs to the art of artificial insemination.

Warren Fletcher, who typically manages a truck rental business is not your ordinary businessman. He’s a dedicated family man who sometimes spends his weekends in the heart of the Fletcher family farm. Whether he’s directing traffic at the Easter event, moving machinery, or tending to animals, Warren is far from averse to getting his hands dirty.

It’s evident that Warren’s commitment to family and his deep connection with his working role have made him the man he is today. It’s this commitment that flows into the very essence of Centurion Truck Rental. For those curious about the kind of businessman Warren embodies, a visit to Centurion Truck Rental is all it takes. Here, you can witness the services offered and experience the excellent relationships Centurion has built with its customers. This commitment to trust and providing exceptional service is a natural extension of Warren’s qualities, visible in every aspect of his life.

Warren Fletcher, the man behind the trucks and now Grandad on the family farm, gives his best in the worlds of business and family. Visit us at Centurion Truck Rental and see for yourself!

If you want to tune into the next episode of the Fletcher Family Farm, tune in on Sundays at 11:30am (ITV1) and 7pm (ITVBe) or watch on catch-up.