Joining the dynamic team at Centurion Truck Rental, Maurice steps into the role of Engineering and Maintenance Manager, bringing a wealth of experience and a passion for all things on wheels. Maurice’s journey from the rural landscapes of Warwickshire to the bustling operations at Centurion Truck Rental is as vibrant and diverse as the fleet he now oversees.


Roots in Rural Warwickshire:

Maurice’s early years were shaped in the picturesque surroundings of rural Warwickshire. Growing up amid farms and fields, he developed a keen eye for anything that moved. His childhood was adorned with bikes and quad bikes, sparking an interest that would soon evolve into an infatuation with cars and commercial vehicles.


Crafting Skills at the Village Garage:

Embarking on his professional journey, Maurice honed his skills at the local village garage, delving into the world of cars and light commercial vehicles. This hands-on experience laid the foundation for what would become a distinguished career in vehicle maintenance.


From Tippers to Volvos:

Maurice’s career trajectory took a turn towards utility companies, where he specialized in the intricate workings of commercial vehicles, particularly 7.5t to 32t tipper and grab vehicles. His expertise soon led him to Volvo Truck and Bus UK, where he navigated roles in technical support, supervision, and contract negotiation across the UK and Europe.


A Renovation Interlude:

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maurice found solace in spending quality time with his family, particularly his young daughter. This period prompted a change in pace, leading to a relocation to the Northwest for a healthier work-life balance. A year spent renovating their home and running a Vehicle Maintenance Unit in Heywood for Argos followed.


Centurion Beckons:

The call of Centurion Truck Rental beckoned Maurice, and he seized the opportunity to blend his mobility and negotiation skills. The role of Engineering and Maintenance Manager felt like a natural fit, aligning with his passion for keeping wheels turning smoothly.


Beyond the Garage:

Away from the garage, Maurice’s life is a vibrant mix of family, sports, and adventures. A devoted Aston Villa fan, he immerses himself in games and plays amateur football twice a week. With three boys in the Midlands, Maurice cherishes the moments when they travel up and down to be with their sister.


City Hopping and Grand Prix:

Maurice and his wife embark on regular city escapes across Europe, indulging in the diverse cultures each destination offers. Additionally, Maurice fuels his adrenaline by attending at least one Formula 1 Grand Prix each year with friends.


Retro Cars and Family Time:

A collector of retro cars, Maurice’s passion extends beyond the professional realm. Yet, amidst all these pursuits, family time remains at the core. Whether it’s walks with their dog or creating cherished memories, Maurice finds the perfect balance between his love for vehicles and the joys of life beyond the garage.

As Maurice takes the wheel at Centurion Truck Rental, his diverse experiences and unwavering passion promise to steer the maintenance team toward new heights of excellence. Welcome aboard, Maurice!