In a welcome shift for the automotive industry, the second-hand truck market is finally beginning to emerge from a period of scarcity. With stock levels on the rise, the market is set for a transformation, albeit one marked by older, higher mileage trucks in the short term as prices normalise and quality improves.


A recent report from Manheim Remarketing reveals an astonishing trend: despite a 35% increase in mileage, used truck prices have surged by a whopping 44% over the past five years. This data, presented in Manheim’s comprehensive five-year report on used truck sales, underscores the enduring influence of the classic principles of supply and demand in the used heavy goods vehicle (HGV) market.


Taking a closer look at the numbers, between the second quarter of 2007 and the same period in 2012, the average auction price for trucks experienced a significant ascent, soaring from £4,336 to £6,259. During this period, average mileage also increased substantially, rising from 191,000 kilometers to 258,000 kilometers. Remarkably, the average age of the trucks hitting the auction block remained a stable 105 months, equivalent to eight years and eight months.


The used truck market is more than just a segment of the automotive industry; it serves as an indicator for the broader UK economy. Today, there are promising signs of resurgence in this market. While lead times for new chassis remain “long,” a growing number of second-hand vehicles are becoming available. Operators are now increasingly opting to de-fleet their assets, injecting a fresh wave of vitality into the used truck landscape.


As the second-hand truck market gains traction, industry players are gearing up for a period of transformation, and for both buyers and sellers, it’s a journey worth watching closely. The resurgence of this market not only signifies a return to equilibrium but also a testament to the enduring principles of supply, demand, and economic resilience.


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