In a strategic alliance spanning several years, Centurion Truck Rental and Carrier Transicold have forged a pioneering path to transform transport efficiency for some of their contract hire customers. Focused on reducing emissions, lowering fuel consumption, and aligning with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, this partnership has become a catalyst for change in the logistics of perishable products.


Evolution of Fleet Efficiency

As the customers’ fleets have evolved, so has Carrier Transicold’s technology. Introducing advanced models like the Vector HE19 trailer unit, has enhanced efficiency with more power, increased fuel efficiency, and reduced maintenance. Notably, the deployment of Carrier’s engineless eCool all-electric trailer unit, designed for urban deliveries has eliminated tailpipe emissions and significantly reduced noise levels.


Innovative Power Solutions

Taking a stride towards alternative power solutions, Centurion now supplies some of their customers with Carrier Transicold’s Eco Drive generator system. This system, when integrated into rigid trucks or tractor units, provides electric power to the refrigeration unit while in motion, reducing reliance on diesel operation. This move not only curtails fuel consumption but also addresses noise and maintenance concerns whilst provide a constant power output independent of the vehicle’s engine speed.


Training and Support

The collaboration extends beyond equipment supply. Centurion and Carrier Transicold offer comprehensive user training for all products, ensuring a smooth transition for the customer. All new equipment comes with a full Carrier maintenance contract, guaranteeing robust local and national support, along with 24/7 assistance if required. Regular operational service reviews maintain a collaborative approach to support.


Telematics Revolution with Lynx Fleet

Carrier Transicold are promoting the integration of the Lynx telematics platform for customer vehicles. Enabling real-time temperature and location data, this innovation provides actionable insights for improved efficiency, end-to-end visibility, and sustainability and comes factory embedded in all units.


Lynx Fleet: Transforming Cold Chain Logistics

The Lynx Fleet aims to achieve several key objectives to enhance operational effectiveness in the field of cold chain logistics. Firstly, it strives to improve efficiency through features like geo-fencing alerts, automated delivery appointments, and the implementation of two-way remote commands. Secondly, it ensures end-to-end visibility by providing real-time temperature reports, adhering to the EN12830 compliance standards, and delivering detailed insights into the cold chain. Lastly, Lynx Fleet places a strong emphasis on sustainability by actively monitoring fuel levels, reducing running hours, and minimising CO2 emissions, thereby making significant contributions to environmental preservation.


Centurion Truck Rental acknowledges the significant advantages derived from its longstanding collaboration with Carrier Transicold, guided by Carrier Transicold’s Commitment promises. These promises include the provision of end-to-end cold chain visibility through Lynx Fleet, effectively minimising disruptions and exceptions with its real-time temperature monitoring capabilities. Moreover, the collaboration seeks to maximise efficiency and sustainability by enabling proactive decision-making based on centralised data, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and optimised resource utilisation. The commitment also extends to implementation of consistent maintenance scheduling to enhance asset uptime and prevent major equipment failures. Additionally, the integration of Lynx Fleet is seamless, ensuring compatibility with existing systems and facilitating data-driven decision-making for improved operational outcomes.


The Centurion and Carrier Transicold collaboration stands as a testament to their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the evolving landscape of transport and logistics. Together, they are pioneering smart solutions that propel the industry into a new era of efficiency and environmental responsibility.